Halfway Log Dump Site Hosts 2014 – Volunteers Needed

Another great season of bouldering at Halfway Log Dump is here. So many people are asking how they can help the OAC keep crags open – well, this is your chance to help!

The OAC and Bruce Peninsula National Park are looking for help from the climbing community in the form of volunteer weekend Site Hosts. Site Hosts, like a Camp host, act as stewards or Caretakers for the area during their time volunteering. The Site Host program has been a huge success since the launch in 2010, so the OAC and the Park are looking again for volunteers for 2014. If you want to help access efforts and become a Site Host for a weekend, click HERE to fill in the volunteer application.

The guide for Halfway Log Dump is available for FREE from the OAC. If you download this guide we hope that you will take the time to become an OAC member, or make a donation if you are already a member. Click HERE to download the “HWLD Interpretive Bouldering guidebook” .

What does a Site Host do?
Site hosts act as ambassadors for Halfway Log Dump while they volunteer. They ensure everyone is having a good time, communicate the rules that are in place, point out the endangered Lakeside Daisy, explain bouldering to curious tourists and, of course, know all the beta on every problem.;) These honoured volunteers will receive free camping!!! (as available), luxurious pre-paid parking ($11.70 per day), and free volunteer apparel. This is all courtesy of Bruce Peninsula National Park. A thanks to those of you who volunteer from your fellow climbers for stepping up to help out the sport you love!

Who makes a good site host? If you like to boulder outside, can get yourself to the Bruce Peninsula, and are interested in helping access in Ontario, you would be a great site host!

I would like to help, but I have never been to Halfway Log Dump. Can I still volunteer as a site host?

It might be your first visit or your hundred and first visit to Halfway Log Dump. This honour is still open to you. We can tell you what you need to know. It’s not hard. You can put it on your resume and land that promotion you’ve been after.

Yeah, but, if I go there I want to focus on climbing

The time commitment of site host at the boulders is minimal and can easily be incorporated into a regular day at the crag. You will be walking by other boulderers and they will be walking by you. In talking to other boulderers, you may discover that they know something you don’t about the latest lines, new beta, local weather, best dining, local plants, or a shortcut home.

OAC Annual General Meeting: June 23, 2014

The OAC invites all members to partake in our 2014 annual general meeting. It’s a great opportunity to ask questions and have your input on the future direction of the OAC.

The meeting will be held at The Hub Climbing Gym (165 McIntosh Dr, Markham) on Monday June 23th at 8 PM.

To be eligible to vote at the AGM, one is required to be a member of the Ontario Access Coalition. To allow for the processing of new members, please ensure applications are submitted prior to June 5th. Please visit our membership page at www.ontarioaccesscoalition.com/join for further details.

The OAC is very interested in increasing its capacity right now by attracting new ideas, leadership, and energy. At this meeting, we will elect four members to the Board of Directors (three for a two-year term and one for a one-year term). As always, we are also looking for portfolio managers and event volunteers. While members can be nominated to the Board at the AGM, any nominations submitted by June 5th will have their profiles distributed to the membership in advance. This will facilitate a structured voting process. Interested members are encouraged to contact the OAC in advance.

Further details will be provided to members 14 days prior to the AGM. If you do not receive notification by email, please send us a note (info@ontarioaccesscoalition.com).

2014 Crag Stewardship Day

With the much-anticipated arrival of spring, the OAC once again invites supporters to come to its annual Crag Stewardship day held in conjunction with Conservation Halton. On Saturday, May 10th, we will help preserve the environment at one of Ontario’s most popular crags, Rattlesnake Point. As in previous years, climbers of all abilities have a chance to give back to one of our biggest supporters, Conservation Halton, by helping remove the invasive (yet edible) species, garlic mustard. Bring gardening gloves!

Please join us for one of the OAC’s signature outdoor events at 9AM at the Upper Pavilion on May 10, rain or shine. Conservation Halton will provide free entry to Rattlesnake Point for volunteers, and the OAC will provide a BBQ lunch and prize draws as usual. Following the lunch, you may choose to refamiliarize yourself with the cliffs at Rattlesnake Point and Buffalo Crag.

Volunteer with the OAC

Spring is always closer than you think. It’ll be time to put away the ice tools and get ready for the rock!

In the meantime, the OAC is looking to expand its team of dedicated volunteers working towards improved access to crags. Here are some of the roles that we are looking to fill.

Event Coordinator: Crag Ambassador Day at Conservation Halton

Our annual Crag Ambassador Day is coming up in early May. OAC volunteers will continue our commitment to help fight off the invasion of Garlic Mustard. The OAC will provide a BBQ and the rocks will be there for climbing in the afternoon.

This event, run by the OAC and Conservation Halton, improves climbers’ visibility at some of our most popular crags. The OAC is looking for you, an enthusiastic and dedicated volunteer, to lead the organization of this event. This role is great for anyone looking to build their resume and will require an estimated 24 hours effort prior to and including the event.

Volunteer Coordinator

We are also looking for someone to coordinate volunteers’ efforts. This person would develop a volunteer recruitment plan, identify and engage potential volunteers, track volunteer contributions, and generally support the efforts of our volunteers.

Apply Now!

We’d love to have you on our team by March 7. Write to us with your interests and skills (either for the above two positions, or any other task that you might be interested in) at volunteer@ontarioaccesscoalition.com. Together, we’ll figure out how you can best help.

Also, while we have your attention: Please fill out the 2013 OAC Climbers’ Survey (click here)!

2013 Climbers’ Survey

Now that it’s 2014, we would love to hear about your climbing experiences from last year. CLICK HERE to take the 2013 OAC Survey

By completing the survey you are helping climbing access in the province. The information you provide is used in aggregate to assist the OAC in representing climbers when asking Land Managers to consider how to balance preservation and recreation. Survey data collected on this survey will be kept strictly confidential and the entire survey should take you about five minutes to complete. Your participation is greatly appreciated. Climb safe and tread lightly.

Old Baldy Fundraising Update

The OAC is pleased to share progress on efforts to purchase Old Baldy. We have reached the 150k milestone towards permanently securing access to sustainable climbing.

We are deeply thankful to our generous donors. Thanks to them, we are confident that we will succeed in raising the money needed to acquire land at Old Baldy.

Our corporate donors are:

We are also grateful to our individual donors, who are instrumental in demonstrating broad community support for this acquisition.  Gus Alexandropoulos organized an effort to collect money through the ontarioclimbing.com forum and raised $8,000 for us. The following people have demonstrated their support for Old Baldy and the OAC by donating at least $100:

Cam Bordignon
Aaron Brouwers
Dave Brown
Marcus Brubaker
Eli Cadesky
Ken Chase (Heavy Computing)
Daniel D’Angelo
Richard English
David Gibbs
Matthew Hill
Ben Iseman
Patrick Lam
Aldo Lopez-Negrete
Trevor Kenopic
Randy Kielbasiewicz
Stu Menzies
Mike Penney
Mugurel Sandu
Adrienne Tam
Malen Vidler

The following donors contributed directly to the OAC:
Jeremy Haak
Colton Homewood
Kacy Wilson

Please consider donating to the Old Baldy initiative; you can do so directly at our donations page.

Don’t Forget Your 2014 Ontario Crags Calendar!

8.DSC4715 This is a quick reminder to visit your local Mountain Equipment Coop (Barrie, Burlington, Toronto) and buy an OAC “Ontario Crags” 2014 calendar while supplies last. It’s the gift that keeps on giving in monthly doses of inspiration! And your purchase is a great way to support the OAC! Calendars will be available in stores until December 31st, 2013.

Discussion Series 2.0 at GRR Saturday November 23rd

The Ontario Access Coalition is proud to host the second installment of our ‘Discussion Series’ on Saturday, November 23 at Grand River Rocks in Kitchener! This all-afternoon event will facilitate open discussions between climbers and land managers, with the goal of providing accurate, up-to-date information regarding climbing outdoors in Ontario.

As well, come witness a historic moment for Ontario climbing access. The OAC and MEC will be signing a contribution agreement confirming MEC’s intention to donate $100,000 towards the acquisition of land permitting access to Old Baldy, one of Ontario’s premier climbing areas!

Ask questions, socialize and climb, and learn more about climbing access from the OAC and land managers themselves. Also, learn more about local tri-city University climbing and bouldering clubs, competitions and world class Ontario climbing areas like the Niagara Glen. Discounted day passes, slideshows and fun gear giveaways from the OAC, MEC and Adventure Guide make this a great way to spend a Saturday in late November!

Join the discussion with the OAC this Saturday, November 23 from 2-6pm in Kitchener at Grand River Rocks and spread the word on by sharing the event with your climbing friends: https://www.facebook.com/events/199919373525062


The OAC is pleased to announce that on Nov 8, 2013, Canadian Retail Cooperative – MEC, stepped forward as a major contributor towards the purchase of lands adjacent to Old Baldy Conservation area. MEC has agreed to fund $100,000.00 towards the purchase of a crucial parcel to help solidify sustainable and safe climbing access to the cliff at Old Baldy while promoting tourism in the Beaver Valley region for generations.

Additional funds are still required to make the purchase, and the OAC will continue partnership with the Toronto section of the Alpine Club of Canada, the Grey Sauble Conservation Authority, and the climbing community towards gaining the additional funds. This presents a significant opportunity for the climbing community to step forward and become relevant in large scale conservation efforts in the region.

The cliff at Old Baldy provides sport and traditional climbing opportunities at all grades in a picturesque setting above the Beaver Valley. The OAC has previously partnered with MEC, and the Grey Sauble Conservation Authority to successfully replace the existing climbing hardware at the cliff to enhance the safety of the cliff at Old Baldy.

Please donate via the PayPal option at www.ontarioaccesscoalition.com or email Randy Kielbasiewicz for inquiries.

Contact: Randy Kielbasiewicz
Email: randy@riversideopticalab.com

Downloadable Old Baldy Funding Press release

2014 OAC Calendars In Stores Now!

Back by popular demand, the OAC’s ‘Ontario Crags’ calendar for 2014 is now available at Mountain Equipment Coop in Toronto, Barrie, and Burlington! Featuring images of Ontario’s amazing bouldering, rock and ice climbing crags, the calendar makes a great gift for any climber on your list. A big thanks to all of you who submitted photos. And thanks for your support of the OAC through your purchase! Here’s a sneak preview:




11.Niagara Glen-4324